‘Riveting. At once self-critical, intelligent and beautifully written…unforgettable.’ Hannah Kent

‘An eloquent reminder that love is a place of great vulnerability…This is an engrossing book. The structure of the book creates a tender bond between a girl and the older version of herself who wants to find her and love her. The warmth of Starford’s writing searches honestly for new shapes for her life. It turns stone into clay.’ Michael McGirr, Age

 ‘A gripping memoir that is a good argument against sending your children off to boarding school…[an] astute and frightening rendering of female adolescence.’ Saturday Paper

‘A vivid journey into the dark corner where a fourteen-year-old loses her girlhood and has to start becoming a woman. It is also a courageous, fiercely honest assessment of the guilt that we carry from our actions as teenagers; a reckoning of how that guilt accrues through our later lives. If you thought Lord of the Flies could only happen among boys, read this book.’ Malcolm Knox

‘Remarkable. Part Mean Girls, part Lord of the Flies…Starford catapults us back to a time of youthful awakening and confusion.’ Clare Wright

‘A compelling coming of age story hold with honesty and warmth.’ Alice Pung

‘Mandatory reading.’ Benjamin Law